Written by: Brandon Cosman On June 7th/8th, 2022, NB Power hosted their annual Energizing Efficiency Conference at the Trade and Convention Centre in Saint John, NB. This was their first time holding the event in an in-person public setting in 3 years since the beginning of the *shudder* COVID-19 pandemic. And what a breath of fresh air it was! The event attracted the attention of many and brought out more than 280 attendees to the
Written by: Justin MacDonald Hi Folks It’s been a busy month as we move away from most of our Fiscal Year ends and transition to planning for this and next year’s projects. Speaking of “transition”, the “Net Zero Transition” (or some form of it) seems to be brought up in almost every discussion amongst peers these days. Most notably, last month Halifax hosted the 2022 SmartEnergy Event (18th annual) at the Westin Hotel. There was
Written by: Javier Ojeda In a series of posts I will write about my experience with different Hydroelectric Projects, in Venezuela and in Canada, from the point of view of a Project Manager, a Maintenance Engineer, and a Plant Manager, different roles that I have been held for the past 16 years. I think that this experience can be transferred to other fields on the renewable energy industry, like solar, wind, tidal and geothermal. I
Written By: Robin McLaughlin As governments, corporations and individuals are increasingly focused on sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint, the demand for skilled talent in energy management and sustainability is fierce.  According to LinkedIn’s recently published  ‘Global Green Skills Report’, the need for ‘green skilled’ talent will outstrip supply within the next five years.  More and more workers are transitioning to ‘green’ jobs, but the majority of these positions are filled by applicants already in
Written By: Heike Schreiber The AEE Canada East chapter was pleased to host a webinar titled ‘Cold Weather Heat Pumps: Technology and Application’ on March 26, 2022. We would like to thank Shawn Moore of Envari for the informative and encouraging webinar and for an engaging Q&A session afterwards. While the presentation focused on data of residential installations from Envari’s pilot program with cold climate heat pumps, Shawn Moore also shared his experience with commercial

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