Running it back with the AEECE Founders Scholarship!

Posted by Andrew Penner on  June 22, 2023
Category: 2023
Written by: Chanel Smith I’ll start by saying that receiving the AEE Canada East Founders Scholarship for a second time is an incredible honour. I was beyond shocked when I got the news, but I am nonetheless extremely grateful for AEECE and what they have done for myself and other university students. Prior to receiving the award the first time around, I had no idea that the Association of Energy Engineers existed. Since then, I
Submitted By: Ghina Annan The present era is marked by extensive scarcity of resources, loss of biodiversity, and rising global temperatures. Failure to act on climate change could result in the displacement of millions of people by 2050. Our current social and economic systems are inadequate for the challenges we face, and humanity must quickly undertake the task of redesigning these systems to benefit future generations. The current state of the world’s fight against climate
Written by: Spierings Verhoeven, 5th year Mechanical Engineering Student at UNB Hi, my name is Spierings Verhoeven. I grew up as the fourth of six children on my family’s dairy farm in Sussex, New Brunswick. Growing up, I never worried about the future. I lived in the moment, whether I was in class, on the sports field, playing video games, spending time with my family, working on the farm, or hanging out with my friends.
Image by svstudioart on Freepik Written by: Jana Giles Diversity is not just about inclusion. Or equality. And it is certainly not just a KPI that needs to bemet. Have you ever thought that, maybe, it could also be a benefit to the energy sector? A recent interview with professionals in the renewable energy sector highlights the importance of diversity in the industry. Maja Falvo, Aleks Modelewska, Zahra Gallehdari, and Roya Rahnejat were interviewed by
Written by: Lorrie Rand Construction is currently under way on Halifax’s first Passive House retrofit, or Enerphit project, designed by Habit Studio with builder Root Developments. The building is a two storey 1850s era house on Falkland Street in Halifax’s North End. When renovations are complete it will be used as office space for the Habit Studio team. A Passive House relies on superinsulation, airtightness, and high performance windows and ventilation to achieve exceptional levels

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