Written by: Jennifer McIntosh and Daniel Dicaire, Ottawa Community Housing Ottawa Community Housing’s Sustainability team has partnered with Natural Resources Canada on an innovative project that focuses on improving the energy efficiency of affordable housing, by retrofitting homes to Net-Zero energy and Net-Zero Greenhouse gas emissions. Construction on the project was completed in the fall of 2021. The Prefabricated Exterior Energy Retrofit (PEER) Pilot Project is a solution aimed at breathing new life into four, 70-year-old townhomes
Written by: Colin Berry As we like to say, change is good. Right? Across Canada, we’re getting closer to a major change for our industry – switching out R-410A in new HVAC equipment, for lower GWP refrigerants. For those who have made decarbonization and sustainability commitments to their stakeholders, this is, in fact, a welcome change. Many others are taking a wait-n-see approach, trying to determine how to contribute to sustainability while making the change
Written by: Chanel Smith As I kid, I loved the outdoors, I found myself happiest when I was building forts, foraging in the woods with friends, or gardening in the yard with my mother and grandmother. In elementary school, I was fortunate enough to have been taught by environmentally conscious teachers who shed light on the impact that humans were having on our world. After a doing few projects involving recycled materials and topics that
Written by: Danielle Tessier – 2nd Year Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Student at Carleton My name is Danielle Tessier and I grew up in a small former mining town in Northern Ontario, turned retirement community, called Elliot Lake. Growing up surrounded by pristine nature caused me to develop a deep appreciation for the environment. I spent much of my time in my hometown hiking, swimming, and camping. I have also always been passionately curious,
The AEE Canada East is extremely pleased to celebrate the this years recipients of the AEE Canada East Founders Scholarship from Carleton University. The scholarship is awarded annually to two students in the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering program at Carleton University. Please join us in congratulating the recipients for the 2021-2022 academic year; Chanel Smith and Danielle Tessier. Chanel Smith Danielle Tessier If you’re interested in following Chanel and Danielle by studying in this

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