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July 2024

Office to Residential Conversions: A Whole Building Approach

As urban landscapes evolve and the demand for residential housing increases, repurposing underutilized office buildings presents a unique opportunity to address housing shortages while promoting sustainability. This presentation explored the whole building approach, which considers every aspect of a building’s lifecycle—from design and construction to operation and end-of-life—aiming to maximize energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Key Topics: Overview of the Whole Building Approach, Energy and Carbon Savings Strategies, Challenges and Considerations, and Case Studies.

You can access a copy of the presentation for future reference by clicking on the link below.

May 2024

Case Study: Largest multi-residential smart building conversion in North America

This webinar explored Drewlo Holdings’ ground-breaking project, a landmark in advancing energy conservation and sustainability in North America’s real estate sector. The project transformed over 85 multi-residential buildings and 10,000+ suites, marking a significant evolution in energy management for large multi-residential portfolios.  Delivering a 34% HVAC utility reduction and a 36% GHG emissions reduction, this initiative underscores the growing importance of energy efficiency as a transformative force in the industry. It also serves as a scalable model for similar projects, influencing strategies for mass-scale energy and carbon footprint reduction.

You can access a copy of the presentation for future reference by clicking on the link below.

March 2024

ASHRAE 62.1 IAQp – Updates in Energy Efficiency & Indoor Air Quality

This session focused on how to maintain good indoor air quality and increase resilience to outdoor & indoor pollutants/viruses while minimizing energy impacts. Fortunately, ASHRAE 62.1 has undergone significant changes in 2019 and 2022 to provide clear guidance on how to ventilate more efficiently, while providing exceptional Indoor Air Quality.

February 2024

Panelized Deep Retrofit Feasibility Case Studies

In this webinar, Lorrie will shared the findings of recent feasibility studies by the ReCover Initiative exploring the potential for prefabricated panelized deep retrofits. The presentation included prefabricated panel design details, modeled performance improvements and life cycle cost projections. Lorrie shared results from recently completed studies on municipally owned buildings and earlier residential buildings.

You can access a copy of the presentation for future reference by clicking on the link below.

Solar and Batteries – Designs and Benefits at Commercial Facilities

This webinar explored the application of solar PV generation and battery storage in the context of achieving carbon reduction goals.

Case studies from solar & battery deployments at municipal facilities, water treatment and industrial complexes, and in new construction of net zero carbon/energy buildings were discussed.

You can access a copy of the presentation for future reference by clicking on the link below.


November 2023

October 2023

September 2023

Municipal Climate-Issue Strategy Discussion

During this session, panelists answered burning questions about energy efficiency, greenhouse gases, and municipal climate plans.


  • Amanda Christianson – Halifax
  • Erika Mayer – National Capital Commission
  • Christine Tu – Region of Peel
  • Janice Ashworth – City of Ottawa
  • Leya Barry – City of Mississauga
  • Meaghan Eastwood – Region of Waterloo
  • Pam Cooper – City of Brampton

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